Deck Cleaning To Best Care For Your Omaha Deck Investment

Deck cleaning

Deck cleaning is the best way to care for your Omaha deck and protect it from dangerous growths and hazardous substances.

As the seasons change, your deck may fall victim to organic growths that can eat away at the surface of your deck, causing premature deterioration. These substances include:

  • Algae, which eat at the surfaces they grow on and can cause a major slipping hazard
  • Moss & Lichen, which can expand within cracks and cause deeper issues involving the structure of the deck
  • Mold & Mildew, which can cause serious respiratory issues if left to thrive, especially for those with already existing conditions.

These substances can be treated and removed with a deck cleaning service with Eagle Exterior Cleaning so your investment in your deck lasts as long as possible. With a regular deck cleaning service, you can even expect your deck to last longer than previously expected, saving you money over a period of time. In contrast, leaving your deck to accumulate these substances will lead to premature deterioration, which means you will need to make repairs or even replacements much sooner than expected. Don't let that happen to your deck.

Eagle Exterior Cleaning is the leading Omaha pressure washing company for deck cleaning services.

Protect Your Property With Outdoor Living Surface Washing

There is nothing more important than keeping our frequently used areas clean to prevent disease or injury, and our exteriors are no exception. The previously mentioned growths are a risk to you, your property, and your family. But how do you know if your deck is afflicted with these substances?

Algaes often appear as green or black streaks, the former most often growing on roofing and the latter encroaching not only on decks but also on house siding, in which case house washing becomes an important project to consider. Moss is pretty familiar to the average person, but some people don't know what lichen looks like. The lichen that grows on decks and other flat surfaces tends to be light blue in color, mostly flat but with jagged edges. Mildew and mold come in a variety of appearances, but it is generally easy to identify them if you notice grey or brown spots, mold oftentimes being fuzzy and mildew usually being flat.

Porch Washing For Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces

Cleaning your porch is a great way to prepare your outdoor living space for relaxation, an eventful summer of barbecues and parties, or occasionally for restaurants with exterior seating. To get your porch or deck ready for the spring and summer, call Eagle Exterior Cleaning for deck cleaning or commercial pressure washing services.

Our Recent Deck Cleaning Projects

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Reviving a Homeowner's Deck: A Cleaning Project by Eagle Exterior Cleaning

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