The Importance Of Pressure Washing Paved Surfaces


For most home and business owners, keeping their property in good condition is at the top of their priority list. At Eagle Exterior Cleaning, we understand that it can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to our exterior surfaces. That's why we offer a broad range of pressure washing services to our Omaha friends and neighbors.

One of the most common pressure washing services is for paved surfaces. While it doesn't make as huge of an immediately noticeable difference as, say, house washing does, it is still a necessity that everyone should schedule for their property at least once a year. Here are only some of the reasons paved surfaces need pressure washed regularly.


Whether it is your driveway, your porch, or even your sidewalks, keeping grime and growth from wreaking too much havoc should always be at the top of your exterior chores list. That is because while a little spilled motor oil or green splotch seems harmless at first, they can devastate your paved surface and force you to make repairs much sooner than intended.

This is especially true for motor oil and asphalt surfaces. Asphalt and motor oil are of the same base: petrol. In chemistry, you may have learned that "like dissolves like," and this instance is no different. A motor oil spill can ruin your asphalt in just a few months. It may get so bad that you can even scoop the asphalt with your fingers.

And green splotches are more than just an eyesore. They are usually algae, which is known for "eating away" at the materials it grows on by dissolving similar pH level substances within the material in a similar chemical reaction as described above.


Those green splotches not only eat away at your paved surfaces, but they also become very slippery when wet. Other growths, such as moss and lichen, can be a tripping hazard. And perhaps worse of all, the organic growth that may encroach on your paved surfaces is mold, which nobody wants on their property. Mold can ruin your air quality, both in and out of your home, as you carry spores with you. This is especially harmful to those with respiratory issues or immune diseases.

To keep your paved surfaces clean, Eagle Exterior Cleaning offers a wide range of residential and commercial pressure washing services. With Eagle Exterior Cleaning, your Omaha property will be pristine with a driveway washing, paver cleaning, or sidewalk cleaning service.

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