Soft Washing vs Regular Pressure Washing

Soft washing

When you begin researching pressure washing services for your property, you probably kept encountering the term "soft wash" and became confused. We understand. It doesn't make sense, right? Pressure washing is thought of as just that: a high-pressured spray of water to physically scrub a surface of contaminants. It isn't intuitive to know about soft washing

To put it simply, soft washing is a pressure washing method that uses very low or even no pressure in washing. It can be comparable to a garden hose. Instead, soft washing relies on detergents and chemicals to clean rather than an aggressive spray.

At Eagle Exterior Cleaning, we take the difference between soft washing and pressure washing seriously, so you can always trust our experts in their opinion on what your property needs.

Surfaces For Soft Washing

While any surface could benefit from a soft washing, this technique is usually reserved for surfaces that need an extra gentle touch rather than the aggressive nature of regular pressure washing. Surfaces that need a soft washing pressure washing treatment are typically delicate and easily chipped. This includes:

  • Roof shingles
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Painted surfaces
  • Materials that have gaps in their structure, such as house siding
  • Old materials, such as old vinyl siding
  • Materials that have begun rusting

It can be very easy to see why these materials may need a softer or more attentive touch. At Eagle Exterior Cleaning, our common soft washing services include roof cleaning, window cleaning, deck cleaning, and house washing, the latter two usually depending on the material.

Surfaces For Regular Pressure Washing

Regular pressure washing requires a sturdy and durable surface. This usually includes:

  • Pavement
  • Paver
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Stucco

As such, regular pressure washing is usually used for building washing, driveway washing, paver cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and storefront cleaning.

The Professional Opinion

Just like with most labor jobs, pressure washing should always be performed by an expert and professional due to the risks associated with the job. And when a professional comes to your property to service it, they may have an opinion on which pressure washing method to use for your cleaning service. This is because, at least in the case of Eagle Exterior Cleaning, the professional has years of experience and knows what they should do to get the best result without causing damage. On that note, sometimes your professional pressure washer may opt to use a high-powered spray on your deck rather than a soft wash. In these instances, it is always important to remember that the professional knows best and to trust that their choice is correct.

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