Should I DIY Pressure Wash My Property?


When your looking at options for cleaning your exterior surfaces, you've probably wondered if buying your own pressure washing machine and doing your pressure washing yourself would be worth it.

While we at Eagle Exterior Cleaning see and understand the allure of DIY projects, usually because they save money, we cannot recommend it to any of our Omaha neighbors, and not just because we are a professional pressure washing company.

Let's dive into the reasons a DIY pressure washing job is not only worse than a professional job, but dangerous.

The Results Of A Pro

It goes without saying that the results of a professional are almost always better than the results of a DIY project. That is no different for experiences at Eagle Exterior Cleaning. But in addition to a better quality of pressure wash, you also get a satisfaction guarantee, meaning the results of your project must be to your standards, or the company will return to do more work. In addition, a professional company like Eagle Exterior Cleaning will not harm your property. When doing a DIY project, there is a very high chance that you might damage the surface you are cleaning due to a misunderstanding about the water pressure needed. There are many instances of cracked siding or chipped roofing materials due to a DIY pressure washing project gone awry.

If you consider the cost of the pressure washing machine and the increased probability and inevitability of repairs and replacement, the cost of DIY pressure washing far outweighs a professional job once a year.

The Dangers Of DIY Pressure Washing

Damaged property isn't the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to DIY pressure washing projects.

While pressure washing seems easy at first glance, there are a lot of things to consider when attempting DIY pressure washing, and we aren't just talking about pressure levels and detergents. Safety is a big part of pressure washing. Here at Eagle Exterior Cleaning, we go through rigorous safety training to prevent injury to our employees. That is because there are a plethora of dangers involved in pressure washing.

In addition to the obvious risk of slipping, the risk of falling (for instance, off of a roof during roof cleaning) is a very real possibility. Beyond obvious hazards is the risk of spraying your skin, which would easily peel away your skin. Lastly, special care must be taken to ensure there is no risk of electric shock, which can harm you in irreversible ways.

Don't attempt a DIY pressure washing project; hire Eagle Exterior Cleaning to give you your best results at competitive prices.

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