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Pressure washing in Omaha has never been easier with Eagle Exterior Cleaning as the industry-leading experts. From our core values based around integrity and never cutting corners to our outstanding customer service that keeps our clients returning, Eagle Exterior Cleaning has been providing a wide variety of pressure washing services since 2022, with 4 years of experience even prior to that.

We ensure that our staff are experts in their field, both in customer service and in the labor of pressure washing. Each of our pressure washing crew members goes through vigorous and detailed training before ever stepping foot in the field to ensure your property is in the best hands possible with no risk of unsatisfactory results or even property damage, like a less experienced pressure washing company might cause. We use technologically superior gear and modern pressure washing knowledge to ensure your pressure washing service will not only keep your property safe from organic growths that can damage your exterior materials but also increase your curb appeal and property value.

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Fast Quotes

At Eagle Exterior Cleaning, our price quoting system is swift and efficient. We will never give you vague estimates but instead, lay out exactly what you can expect from your pressure washing project. We can even do this over the phone if you have an accurate measure of square footage in the area you'd like pressure washed.


Easy Scheduling

Scheduling with Eagle Exterior Cleaning is as simple as a quick phone call on your lunch break. Not only can you schedule an upcoming pressure washing service, but you can plan pressure washing services in the future or even reoccur after a set amount of time automatically.


Sit Back & Relax

One of our amazing benefits is how hassle-free our service is. From the first call until the day of your service, you won't have to lift a finger or think about issues that may arise because we have it all handled.

Benefits of Our Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing your Omaha residential or commercial property is the best way to keep your exterior surfaces maintained. Not only does it remove unsightly dust and dirt, but it also targets and treats organic growths that eat away at whatever they grow on, which causes major damage if left unattended. On top of all of that, our services are guaranteed to improve your curb appeal instantly.

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Our Core Residential Services

To help our everyday clients, we offer a range of residential pressure washing services, including:

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Our Core Commercial Services

A commercial property client is always welcomed here at Eagle Exterior Cleaning, as we love helping other local businesses be successful. Our commercial services include:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing in Omaha

Not only do we work with commercial clients, but we also love commercial clients! Working with a commercial client means we get to help and provide for our community in another way.

Yes! Not only do certain substances like algae become slick when wet, debris poses a tripping threat as well. And those are just the obvious hazards; substances like mold and mildew may be causing deeper, more frightening issues while mostly going unnoticed. Luckily, pressure washing can eradicate all of these hazards.

Certainly! Because pressure washing uses high-pressure blasts of water (up to 4,000 psi in certain cases), the material of your deck is important when considering pressure washing techniques. In fact, decks often receive a "soft wash" instead, which relies more on detergents than the physical scrubbing power of pressure washing.

While you most certainly can send your own staff out with a sponge and bucket for DIY storefront cleaning, it won't get your storefront as clean as a pressure washing can, and the results won't last as long either. And if you perhaps mean buying your own pressure washing machine, we strongly suggest against it. Using a pressure washing machine without thorough training in safety, methods, and chemical application, could risk harming your property or, worse, your employee.


Offering the Safest House Washing in Omaha

With our years of experience, extensive knowledge of our machines and materials, and our thorough training, you can rest assured that your house washing service is safe with Eagle Exterior Cleaning. We use gentle cleaning methods when they apply, and oftentimes that includes house siding.

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